Felony charge waived to grand jury

Jail for two found guilty of probation violations

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Alexander Arnett is pictured with defense attorney J.D. Wagoner in Hillsboro Municipal Court on Thursday.

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A Hillsboro man appearing in the Hillsboro Municipal Court on Thursday waived his felony charge of receiving stolen property to a grand jury.

The Times-Gazette previously reported that Alexander Arnett, 18, was charged with the fourth-degree felony after allegedly being found driving a stolen ATV.

On Thursday, he waived his right to a preliminary hearing on that charge. Previous conditions of his bond remain, including electronic monitoring house arrest.

Also on Thursday, Kyle Robinson, 29, Lynchburg, entered an agreement on traffic charges.

The Times-Gazette previously reported that Robinson appeared on a bench warrant Monday. His bond was set at $1,000 on his traffic case and at $2,500 on a possible probation violation.

According to Hillsboro Municipal Court Judge David H. McKenna, the state agreed Thursday to amend his charge of driving on a suspension to driving without a valid license.

Robinson pled guilty to the minor misdemeanor. A turn signal violation was dismissed.

In reviewing his record, the judge said that Robinson was previously scheduled to begin a jail sentence on Monday. That sentence was imposed on a prior probation violation on a 2011 theft case.

McKenna reviewed that case, saying that several warrants had been issued. He added that the charge had originally been a felony for aiding and abetting a burglary. He also said that Robinson had failed to report to the probation department and that previously ordered community service was not completed.

The judge then referenced a letter that Robinson had written to him from the jail. McKenna said Robinson had asked for rehab.

Robinson told the judge that he has been clean for two years and that he is currently taking a prescription for Suboxone.

Robinson was sentenced to 82 days in jail on his probation violations. He can be furloughed to inpatient treatment. If he serves out that sentence, his probation will be completed, court records add.

A $150 fine was suspended on his traffic case.

Also found guilty of a probation violation was Lulu Spruance, 38, Hillsboro.

According to court records, she pled guilty to second-degree misdemeanor attempted illegal purchase of pseudoephedrine in March. At that time, half of a 90-day jail sentence was suspended.

Review hearings were later rescheduled in June and July because Spruance was in drug treatment, McKenna said.

In August, she failed to appear for a review hearing. The judge said the probation department did not know where she was and that the court had not received information about her still being in treatment. A warrant was issued for her arrest.

Spruance said Thursday that she was still in treatment at that time and that she had been out of the program for about two weeks. She added that she has been clean for nearly eight months.

When asked, Spruance said she did not finish treatment. “I don’t have any excuses, sir,” she said, adding, “I’m still doing really good.”

The remaining 45 days on her case were imposed. If she passes a drug screen, she will be furloughed. Spruance must return to court in December.

William Gabbard, 52, Hillsboro, appeared for a deferred sentencing. The Times-Gazette previously reported that he entered an agreement in July on a charge of first-degree misdemeanor operating a vehicle under the influence (OVI).

On Thursday, Gabbard provided proof that he completed a three-day driver intervention program. As such, the charge was amended and reduced to fourth-degree misdemeanor reckless operation.

Fifty-seven days of a 60-day jail sentence were suspended. Gabbard was given credit for his time in the program. He must pay a $500 fine. Four points will be added to his driving record.

In other cases, Kevin Engle, 43, Harrisburg, entered an agreement on a charge of fourth-degree misdemeanor speeding. According to records, Engle allegedly traveled 94 mph in a 55 mph area.

As per the agreement, the charge was amended to 65 mph. The charge remained a fourth-degree misdemeanor, the judge said, due to Engle’s two prior speeding tickets within the last 12 months.

A 30-day jail sentence was suspended. Engle must pay a $250 fine. Two points will be added to his driving record.

McKenna added that next September he will review Engle’s driving record.

Charges of minor misdemeanor disorderly conduct were dismissed for Ashley Lindsey, 28, and Donna Lindsey, 51, both of Hillsboro.

The Times-Gazette previously reported that that their charges were amended and reduced from assault in August. They were initially charged in May following an incident that allegedly began as a verbal argument, as previously detailed.

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Alexander Arnett is pictured with defense attorney J.D. Wagoner in Hillsboro Municipal Court on Thursday.
http://timesgazette.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/web1_AlexanderArnett.jpgAlexander Arnett is pictured with defense attorney J.D. Wagoner in Hillsboro Municipal Court on Thursday. Sarah Allen|The Times-Gazette
Jail for two found guilty of probation violations

By Sarah Allen

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