What’d you say, honey?

Not so long ago I wrote a column about how my parents, during my formative years, often said I was hard-headed. They, of course, were talking about my mental state of mind. But it very well could have applied to the physical version, too.In this day and age where it seems like we hear about concussions and the problems they cause almost daily, I sometimes wonder how I made it this far without suffering one.Call it blind luck, a thick skull, or what have you, but in a tim...

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Who knew rudeness could stop a plane?

Not long ago, I read an Associated Press article with the headline, “It’s no longer safe to recline your airplane seat.”Now, flying and I have a sort of love/hate relationship. I love the view from miles above the earth, and I love how 16-hour long trips are reduced, almost magically, to a mere two or three hours.However, I hate the idea of something going wrong. I have always been afraid of flying, and, even though I’ve done it several times, it ...

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It’s another reason to say thank you

I love Netflix. Now let me tell you why.It’s not so much about watching movies, but more because there is seemingly unending documentaries to choose from.The last couple weekends I have gone on a bit of a binge on particular documentaries, specifically all of the National Geographic ones I could find involving underwater explorer Bob Ballard and his expeditions to view the final resting places of wartime ships.Each of the documentaries provided their fai...

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Stirring things up is a crowded business

For me, there are two major changes that have occurred since I began in this business.First, I got older, and hopefully wiser. I still come across columns I wrote in the 1980s or early ‘90s, and while some of them are okay, too many of them remind me of how reckless and irresponsible I could be 20 or 30 years ago, how black and white I was so sure everything was, and how quick I could be to slight anyone who disagreed with me.Even now, people will sometimes say to ...

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Lost children become SOPC’s gift

The interview with Dorothy Julliard about her 21 years working at the Southern Ohio Pregnancy Center was done. It had gone well – two hours passed in what seemed like a few minutes – but I still felt like I had missed something.As I stood to leave the Julliard’s Pricetown home I looked at some Facebook posts Dorothy’s husband, Terry, had handed me while I was there. I had not read them yet, and I asked if he’d mind if I kept them.He said I c...

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Refusing to turn out the lights

This past weekend, I was honored to have been a bridesmaid at a friend’s wedding.She and I met in college and were roommates from our sophomore year until we graduated. We started in a cramped dorm we called “the closet,” and by the time we were seniors, we shared a two-story apartment with another friend (who was also a bridesmaid last weekend).And this past Saturday, my friend married her college boyfriend. Seeing those two start their lives together ...

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Shepherds, snags and smiles

My head filled with a mingled mash of opposing emotions, I watched the fading sherbet colors of sunset on our last night in South Dakota. I was sad we were leaving, but I was also feeling the excitement of going home.A scant few hours later as my family drifted back to sleep, cockeyed and comfy in the car, we stole away in the early-morning hours. And while sleep still pulled at my brain, I thought about the coexistence of those aforementioned feelings.As my headlights p...

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The Snider case, the mayor & the chief

The Hillsboro Police Department last Tuesday filed charges of fifth-degree felony theft against former Hillsboro firefighter David Snider Jr., and the social media hills were alive with the sounds of conspiracy.The charges against David were payback from the mayor and the safety and service director, according to the most popular plot. David was the local union president when the city contracted with the Paint Creek fire department and disbanded the Hillsboro department, so Drew Ha...

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Now you know who to call

Question: How many of you fathers out there really wanted to be in the delivery room when your wife, or the mother of your children, was giving birth to your babies?Yes, I know that was not an option for many of you. And I know there are others who absolutely love the whole process, taking photos and videos and what not.Not me. Heck, even those Lamaze classes kind of freaked me out. But my wife wanted me to be there, so I obliged.My thinking was, and still is,...

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Living despite the snake pit

To start off this column, here’s a bit of a riddle:I am something people both desire and despise. I am the subject of both thrill and terror. I am found both indoors and out, at work and at home, and everywhere from casinos to highways. What am I?Any guesses? The answer: risk.Let’s face it, we all know that risk is simply a part of life. It’s everywhere. Sometimes we enjoy it, like when we’re riding a roller coaster or playing sports. B...

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This girl is outta here

I’m gone this week and in my place I have left these words.I’ve had the opportunity to explore a lot of our very diverse nation, but this week I get to see places I have never seen.In the first family vacation we’ve taken for some time, we decided to not only head to South Dakota, but to tent camp while we are there.I look at this as the first real adventure I’ve had in a very long time.My husband and I are hopeful this will ...

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You’re only as old as you are

It’s a well- known fact of life that all young people want to look and act older, and all old people want to look and act younger. In psychiatry, this is called “The Grass is Always Greener Syndrome,” which I just made up.Women are often accused of being vain about their appearance, but really, men are no better, starting early in life. During their school years, most boys are as hypersensitive and insecure about their appearance as any female, even if they try to...

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Hey doc, how ‘bout a shot?

Is medicine stronger than it used to be? I ask because of a kidney stone episode I had not so long ago.I’ve always thought I had a fairly high tolerance to medication, as I will relate shortly, but I’ve never had any medication like they gave me during this most recent kidney stone bout.I was once on a morphine drip due to an infected finger, part of which eventually had to be cut off. The morphine drip was somewhat self-administered. In other words you could...

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Watch out for the alligators

As a kid, my nose was almost always in a book and chances are that book was probably (A) Nancy Drew, (B) Harry Potter, or (C) a collection of urban legends.Growing up, I loved urban legends: alligator-infested sewers, vanishing hitchhikers, stolen kidneys … you name it, I’d probably heard it.Why do such stories persist generation after generation? With modern technology, you’d think that obviously untrue stories would fade away after a quick Google sear...

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The ABCs of a Monday smile

As I have been free to point out in previous columns, I tend to be a Gloomy Gus, and as I have also said previously, I’m OK with that. But sometimes a little reminder to smile is a very good thing, and I had one of those this week that ended up making me not just smile, but laugh out loud.In my Monday blahs, which were more blah than usual, I was reminded by someone I run into quite frequently in the course of a work day that there is plenty to be thankful for.She ...

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